Vinyl release Back To Mayhem!

Mid october Lighttown Fidelity will release Black Bone’s full length debut from 2012 on vinyl for the very first time!
‘Back To Mayhem’ has been recorded by Black-Bone with Oscar Holleman at his RS29 studio. Holleman is wellknown for his previous work with Within Temptation, de Heideroosjes and Krezip, amongst others. The album has a ring of excellence about it and is packed with riff driven hardrock full of catchy melodies.
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After we announced that we will continue Black-Bone without Jules, we found our new drummer and good friend Willem van Bokhoven! Wednesday December 23th (Blue Collar Hotel -Eindhoven) we’re playing our first show with Willem! He hits the drumkit pretty hard!! So come check us out!

On friday, december 18th, 2015 we have played our last show with our brother Jules @ Poppodium Volt – Sittard.


Jules stops playing the drums

After 8 incredeble years Jules will stop playing the drums in Black-Bone.. Damnn..

We got some awesome experiences together! Started on the primary school and played from small bars to huge venue’s/stadium’s. Thanks brother for the awesome times together! We love you!

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