After 8 incredeble years Jules will stop playing the drums in Black-Bone.. Damnn..

We got some awesome experiences together! Started on the primary school and played from small bars to huge venue’s/stadium’s. Thanks brother for the awesome times together! We love you!

Last change to see Jules shine behind his drumkit in Black-Bone!
This Friday 11-12-2015 @ Kroepoekfabriek, Vlaardingen & Friday 18-12-2015 @ Volt – Sittard.

Also good things come to an end… It’s time for me to take a new path.

I would like to thank Steef and Sven for all the amazing moments we experienced together. We started the band from the beginning in 2007 all the way to what it is now. Over 250 shows played, two European tours, two albums and a lot of very good moments. It was all worth it! I could never have imagined reaching such a level with the band. We were a great team!

I also would like to thank our parents for supporting the band so much in all these years. They always stood behind us in every decision we made.

Shout out to Paul and Willy for their dedication, help and love at every show with The Van and all the gear! A big thanks to all the fans and everyone who I’ve worked with and supported the band during my time in Black-Bone!