Mid october Lighttown Fidelity will release Black Bone’s full length debut from 2012 on vinyl for the very first time!
‘Back To Mayhem’ has been recorded by Black-Bone with Oscar Holleman at his RS29 studio. Holleman is wellknown for his previous work with Within Temptation, de Heideroosjes and Krezip, amongst others. The album has a ring of excellence about it and is packed with riff driven hardrock full of catchy melodies.

A solid rhythm section and a suiting Lemmy-meets-Bon Scott voice make that’s it not too hard to tell the bands influences, Motörhead, AC/DC and Peter Pan Speedrock. This is ROCK the way it’s supposed to be played and it’s hard not to tap along to classics like ‘Hard Times’, ‘Hammer Down’ and ‘Hollywood & Vine’, that are still part of the bands energetic live shows to this day. This should be enjoyed with one fist in the air and a beer in the other!

As a result of their debut the band toured Europe several times and Black-Bone opened for distinguished bands such as Deep Purple, Status Quo, Megadeth and Chickenfoot.

Release show
The vinyl release of ‘Back To Mayhem’ will be presented on Saturday October 15 at Cafe Altstadt in Black-Bone’s hometown Eindhoven. Support is Reptilians, who are also from Eindhoven. More info and tickets can be found on www.altstadt.nl

Black-Bone Discography:
Back To Mayhem (Not on Label) May 2012
Blessing in Disguise (SPV/Steamhammer) Sept 2015